Working with a Third Party Mail House

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Third Party Mail House (a.k.a. 3rd Party Mail House or Bonded Mail House)
It seems almost every event or tradeshow organizer has a different set of rules for allowing exhibitors use of the show’s attendee mailing lists. Some organizers provide attendee mailing lists to exhibitors for free while others may provide mailing labels.
List Rental Agreement & Third Party Mail House
The most common way for exhibitors to mail to show attendees is with a List Rental Agreement where exhibitors pay a fee for a one time mailing to the list. The List Rental Agreement is between the exhibitor and show management (or the show’s authorized List Broker).

List Rental Agreements typically require the list to be sent directly to a third party mail house for fulfillment (printing, addressing, postage and mailing) so the actual attendee mailing list is never seen by exhibitor.

The mail house fulfills the mailing on behalf of the exhibitor, but the mail house must also agree to not share the mailing file with the exhibitor because the attendee mailing list always remains the property of the event organizer.

Benefit to Exhibitors
Exhibitors and sponsors participate in a list rental program to send mail directly to attendees before, during or after the event to promote their brand, products and services and invite attendees to schedule meetings, visit their booth, order show specials… and buy!

Benefit to Event Organizers
Event organizers offer a list rental program because it a) is an added value service for exhibitors and sponsors, b) extends the reach of the event’s marketing campaigns to attract attendees and c) assures the event’s attendees lists, an event asset, is kept secure and confidential while it is used.